Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sparring Video Clip

I had the pleasure of training Joe Saunders from hhtp://
It was an intense 2 days with virtually 5 hours of sparring each day.

The clip is a culmination of what we covered in the two days....although we also trained FFS empty hand concepts.

The video demonstrates, non telegraphic striking, faking and drawing. Hard to really discern if you haven't trained with us as the moves are very subtle.....but I hope you enjoy the action

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  1. Awesome clip Ray, as always! :-) You probably dont remember me but I did some training with you last year with my brother and another mate George at your place. Let me just say what an eye opening and frightening experience I found the knife to be in the hands of someone like yourself with a high level of training!!! Thanks for helping me scratch the surface in edged weapons work, I realise I have a long, long, long way to go!!! And I look forward to clearing up some of my teaching and training schedule to do some training with you again soon. I actually have my own blog for BJJ students world wide and if you have the time one day I'd love to have you write something for them!
    Kind Regards
    P.S. When I bought your "The Essentia Ray Floro" dvd set at the Martial Arts Expo in Homebush I never was able to work the link for the audio/pdf bonus and have now lost my login details. :-( If at all possible could you email me a link on where I could find it? Thanks again and have a great week end!