Monday, February 25, 2013

Isolated Sparring Drill - Courtesy David Kingdom

Floro Fighting System is a "sparring based art".  There is no other real way to learn it except through contact.  I wish there were (I'd make more money LOL).

However, we don't just don Sparring gear and pads and go hell-for-leather.  That would be counter productive.

As Prof John Will once said to should be the repetition of the CORRECT / EFFECTIVE methods.

So we take incremental progression to achieve the results.

One DRILL I start my students with (usually at their first lesson) is to do "Isolated Sparring". 

The objective is to score hits.  BUT........the bout is LIMITED TO ONE TECHNIQUE.

In the case of the sparring clip attached.  It is limited to the straight thrust with the knife.

What this developes is an appreciation of distance, timing, footwork, and one will realise the strengths and limitations of the technique.

It's NOT the NUMBER of techniques you have, but WHAT YOU DO with what you have.

The video attached was taken from a Nowra seminar I did with David Kingdom........I was pretty much impressed with the way his guys moved....This was THE FIRST sparring session (of many) that we did during the seminar.  What impressed me was they DID NOT make the usual mistake of moving wide, using other techniques.  They KEPT THE THEME of the drill and eventually they gained an appreciation of the RANGE, TIMING and SPEED

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