Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FFS Instructor in KELLYVILLE


I am pleased to announce my new FFS INSTRUCTOR...

John Intervalo has been studying martial arts since the age of 6. At the age of 12, he started Taekwondo, in which he now holds a third dan black belt. He has fought in Olympic style TKD tournaments at local, state, national and international level. He is currently teaches TKD and is the head tournament coach at Dianne Carn’s Iron Tiger Taekwondo club. He has also assisted in coaching the NSW state team at state training sessions.
John has trained in various other martial arts which includes Doce Pares, Kyokushin Karate and Reality Based Personal Protection (under Jim Wagner and Matt Jones). John is currently studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Marcos Nevel.
When John first came across FFS he was most impressed with its ‘Innovative Simplicity’. He is now a certified FFS Edged Weapons Instructor and continues to train with Ray Floro on a regular basis.

Which basically means he gets to be bashed weekly and I use him as my guinea pig for trying out new FFS concepts.

John has also forgot to mention that he regularly stands in for me as an Instructor when I am away. Teaching at Bren Foster's "Elite" Martial Arts Academy.

He has also assisted me in many Military workshops.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sparring Video Clip

I had the pleasure of training Joe Saunders from hhtp://www.progressivedefence.com
It was an intense 2 days with virtually 5 hours of sparring each day.

The clip is a culmination of what we covered in the two days....although we also trained FFS empty hand concepts.

The video demonstrates, non telegraphic striking, faking and drawing. Hard to really discern if you haven't trained with us as the moves are very subtle.....but I hope you enjoy the action

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Greetings All,

Profuse apologies for not posting for soooooooooooooooo long. Life gets in the way unfortunately

I'm headed down south at the end of this month to conduct a series of seminars.

Please contact the following people for more details:

26th Aug - CRAIGIEBURN. Contact Paul Weatherly - 0412 868 792

28th Aug - MELBOURNE. Contact John Will - john@bjj.com.au

29th Aug - ABBOTSFORD. Contact Cam Rowe - cam@dominance.com.au

30th Aug - MELBOURNE. Contact Wayne Ardley - 0409 499 912

01st Sept - ALBURY. Contact Ben Hamilton - 0434 353 970

I hope to see you there...............................

I'll be planning a series of technique "workshops" in this blog soooooooon

Stay tuned


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nooooooooo it's not the lady it the picture...........it's what she's holding!!!!!!

For those of you who do a lot of intensive sports or exercise; must have days where sore joints and muscles are a painful part of life.

With the type of "explosive" sparring that I do, I regularly suffer painful neck and shoulder pain.

I pity my wife for all the nights she has sore thumbs in trying to dig it into my very KNOTTED muscles, trying to find relief from the agony.

I have discovered the best thing since a strong thumb.


Rather than give you a long winded explanation, which I will plagarise from the website anyway. Allow me to give you the link.....


A word of warning though. Order it from a USA site. The Australian distributors are an absolute joke.

It took a MONTH to get a Theracane from a local interstate order, and at twice the price.

Whereas I ordered the same product from a US site and got it within 10 days and CHEAPER.

The Theracane DOES look like a gimmick. IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!

PS.....I forgot to add. I HAVE cut down a Theracane to make a nice compact tonfa type weapon. YES IT DOES WORK

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've been travelling a lot lately...........and thought this was most appropriate

Saturday, March 21, 2009

FFS CHASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday FFS worked in conjunction with ZeroRisk International (headed by Tony Loughran) to delivery Defensive Tactics strategies to The Chasers team.

Who are The Chasers. They are an Australian satirical comedy group who regularly appear in ABC Television.

Their "infamy" reached it's peak in the 2007 APEC gathering in Sydney.

The team was arrested by NSW Police on 6 September 2007 outside the InterContinental Hotel after driving a fake motorcade through the Sydney central business district and breaching an APEC security zone. The Chaser crew entered a secure area by masquerading as the motorcade of the Canadian delegation to APEC. They were arrested by police after Licciardello emerged in Bin Laden costume near the hotel where U.S. President George W. Bush was staying.

Here's the skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdnAaQ0n5-8&NR=1

Whatever your opinion of them...................................I found them to be a FANTASTIC, FUNNY bunch of guys. They gave their all in our training session; and picked up the techniques and concepts well.

What was taught is of course confidential.

But let's just say that future project may expose them to possible physical danger.

All the best and all success to a great crew..........

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Gilbert has been training in martial arts since 1982. He has competed in various karate tournaments ranging from semi contact to full contact and successfully winning AKF (Australian Karate Federation) Titles for his weight division under the guidance of his Sensei Bob McMahon (6th Dan). From his kumite success he was selected for the Queensland State Senior Kumite Team to compete at the 1994 Australian Karate Championships.

Gilbert has continued his study in various martial arts where he has now found his home in the study of the indigenous martial arts of the archipelago.

With his ongoing thirst for knowledge in learning different blade arts of the archipelago, Gilbert's journey has taken him to the Philippines where he has had numerous private lessons with Grandmaster Yuli Romo (Bahad Zubu Kali). Including his travels back to his homeland Australia, he has also had private training with Ray Floro in his unique fighting system (Floro Fighting System).

Gilbert has also maintained his studies with SKD Tactical Weaponry and Jeet Kune Do with Guro/ Sifu Mark Stewart in Singapore. Currently he is the SKD Tactical Instructor and the Floro Fighting System Instructor for Singapore.


  • 1992 Shodan Black Belt Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai Shindo Jinen Ryu
  • 1992 Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Qld Australia
  • 1994 Queensland State Senior Kumite Team
  • 1996 Nidan Black Belt Australian Karate Academy
  • 2008 Instructor SKD Tactical
  • 2009 Instructor Floro Fighting Systems
Email: florofightingsystem@hotmail.com

Blog: http://florofightingsingapore.blogspot.com/

From left to right: Bryson Keenan, Raymond Floro, Gilbert Chee, Lloyd Ngoh Shi Kai.....

Lloyd Ngoh was a kid off the streets. Rebellious and stubborn, he was always getting into trouble and fights. Lloyd got involved with gangs at a young age of 15 after being jumped in school by a group of bullies. He was severly beaten up, so much so that he had trouble opening his eye as it was badly bruised. His jaw and nose were also broken. His right eye couldn't see properly for weeks. Getting into gangs then was one of the few options he had in order to 'protect' himself. He learned through the 'School of Hard Knocks' in Self Defence. Through trial and error from street fights, and sparrings with mates, he learnt what to do and not to if he was caught in a situation.

Out of sheer determination to seek out a practical system, he spent 15 years of his life seeking out a suitable one. One that was Practical and most Importantly, keep him alive. His thirst of knowledge and in seeking a genuine,practical yet simple to learn solution brought him into various marital arts. Lloyd concluded that a style that looks good doesn't necessarily means it is effective in a real case scenario. Some of those principles that he was exposed to and practiced were - Jow Ga Kungfu, Boxing, Muay Thai, SKD Tactical Weaponry (Kali). Finally- Floro Fighting System (FFS).

Lloyd Ngoh signed on as a Combat Specialist immediately after High School to stay out of trouble and importantly, prison. He lived, studied and served his Basic Military Training in a term period of one year at the Singapore Armed Forces Education Centre so that he could re-take his Final Year Examination. During his service term, Lloyd served as a trooper with the Commando Formation. He later served as an Intelligence Specialist (IS), with Joint Intelligence during the later part of his career. He was a weapons specialist, trained in a wide range of weaponry. His principle role were, amphibious insertion specialist and military combat diving. He was trained in Unarmed Combat, Krav Maga, Anti-Riot and Crowd Control. Other notable highlights of his career were that Lloyd was an instructor for Counter Assault, as well as Advanced Tactics.

As a certified Counter Terrorism operative, Lloyd was engaged as a private security contractor after leaving the military. His resume includes - Security Management, Executive Protection, Quick Reaction Force(QRF), Security Liaison, Risk Migitation and Security Consultancy to name a few.

Lloyd has over the last year, introduced FFS into several Tertiary Institutions in S'pore. Namely - Women's Self Defence Awareness, Rape Defence, Edged Weapons Defence and Awareness.

He is one of the elite few FFS Certified Knife Instructors in Singapore, currently undergoing Instructor Certification in the other systems of FFS.

Lloyd can be contact via email:


Saturday, March 14, 2009

FFS Aussie History

This is the New Millennia Academy gym................................

I can say that this is the FIRST TIME in the entire FFS History that our name has been displayed on a "shop front".

Thank you Ash and Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Change in Training Equipment

I got a phone call the other week from my Melbourne representative Wayne Ardley (Juggernaut Self Defence).

I always value Wayne's phone calls as he keeps me up to date with developments in his "experimentations" with FFS.

Especially when he has come up with a new "angle" to our approach, hence evolving our system.

He also isn't shy to give HONEST opinions of methods that does not work.

This day was no different.

In the past we have utilised "Ice Hockey" gloves as protective gear to our hands. For many years is has been an effective method.

Wayne was concerned about the "reality" thick padded gloves provided in the sparring we did.

So, being into "reality" training; his boys decided to "do without".

What they discovered was that sparring WITHOUT GLOVES is vastly different to having all the padding. To the extent that "false" security gloves provides, gives unrealisic outcomes to some of the moves we do.

HENCE......I have experimented with various other lighter gloves and found that CRICKET GLOVES gives a good compomise to the feeling of reality without gloves; yet adequate protection.

The gloves I now use are made by "Gunn and Moore".

PS.....My Singapore trip was extremely successful with 4 new FFS Intructor's being fully accredited. I'm just in the midst of collating bio's and information, which I will then give full details in my next blog entry. Photo's and reviews to follow soon (hopefully).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Martial Arts Bushfire Appeal Seminar

From left to right: Raymond Floro, Paul Weatherly, Mat Reid, Andy Cecati, Soke Bob Jones, Ivan Rakitic and Robert Halaijian.

19th February 2009, saw a gathering of Martial Artists from various styles to comemorate those who fell victims in the tragic bushfires of Victoria.

With over 200 dead, hundreds of homes lost, millions of dollars wasted, and unspeakable destruction to wildlife and bushland, what can a bunch of Martial Artists to to contribute.

The idea was born through Robert Halaijian and co-ordinated by Paul Weatherly.

The Martial Arts Bushfire Appeal saw 6 great Martial Art instructors donate their time and knowledge in the hopes of raising funds for those victims.

The day saw over 70 attendees. With their donations, and including raffles and auctions. The group raised $4,200.

It was one of the greatest gatherings I have been able to experience. True comradship joined together with a common purpose.

The icing on the cake was the attendance of Soke Bob Jones..........I have been hearing about him for a long time, and it was a priviledge for me to finally meet him in person.

He is what all his followers say he is..........A GREAT MAN!!!!

My thanks also goes to my fellow instructors Paul Weatherly, Mat Reid, Andy Cecati, Ivan Rakitic, Rob Halaijian, and Kacey Chong.

Robert and Ray......stealing Paul Weatherly's fighting sticks to supply weapons to the masses.

But Rob....I thought you said that these were your sticks?!?!?!.......
No Ray.....I thought that they were YOUR sticks.....

Oh Well......whoever owns them will have lots more LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FFS - Red Dragon Seminar

The Crew of Red Dragon - Dedicated and Keen

Double Team Stick Restraints - Painful and Funny (to me anyway!!!)

I was honoured to have been invited back to teach at Red Dragon Kung Fu in Queensland last weekend.

Headed by Sifu Brett Fenton, he runs one of the most impressive and professional gyms I have ever experienced. He has qualifications in various Chinese arts, and is an accredited FFS Instructor>

It was also great to see familiar friends and faces, who have been "regulars" in many of my seminars there.

This seminar was a little different in that I covered more of the traditional Kalis Ilustrisimo concepts. My original foundation in the Filipino Martial Arts.

We started with the basic vertical angles of attack, with variations in angles to "deceive" the opponent into reading which angle the attacks will travel.

Then we moved onto "disarming". This was the more enjoyable part of the seminar. In a few minutes of tuition, sticks were being disarmed and airborne EVERYWHERE. In fact, it became a challenge to "launch" the sticks to opposing partners all around the floor. Evasion and dodging was a requisite. Attendees became very adept. I then related these Ilustrisimo moves to their Si Lim Tao forms, and more specifically to the Fuk Sao hand position.

We then wrapped up by going through various stick restraints and locking.....more fun, as the pain threshold was tested.

All in all - A FANTASTIC DAY.

A big bonus for me was the opportunity to attend John Will's seminar before mine.

A genius in his teaching methods. I ALWAYS walk away with valuable methods in the grappling arts.

This tour, John covered moves in the "half guard" and variations to the "head lock".....MOST EXCELLENT!!!

I'm looking forward to meeting up again with my friends up north.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FLORO / NORTON Seminar in Shepparton 2009

(From left to right: Ben Hamilton, Ray Floro, Richard Norton)

1st Febuary I had the extreme pleasure to teach a back to back seminar with the legendary Richard Norton.

Being the consumate gentleman he allowed me to teach first.

Well..........I made darn sure I did because it was hitting close to 50 degrees in the non-airconditioned gym, so I was sure that I'd be half dead by the time midday hit.

I went through my standard empty hand vs knife program with the use of the magazine as an aid to defending yourself against edged weapons.

The attendees of 40-50 martial artists received it well. In fact, I was very impressed that even with the stifling heat, no one slacked off.

There was a great mix of different systems in the audience, the majority being "Zendo's" (great bunch of people) to Muay Thai practitioners (always good to have them) to those that had grappling experience.......

I always make it a point to show them how they can find FFS in THEIR system.

I love taking selected moves in their forms and katas, and show them how it translates exactly to FFS moves.

It again proves, that NO STYLE is superior; but interpreting moves and their applications is what is important in understanding concepts.

Richard then covered the popular and successful SPEAR system. He's a great teacher and an infinitely better martial artist than I'll ever be. Not only that but a TOP BLOKE.

It was also great to catch up with my good friends Robert Halaijian and Kacey Chong. I'm looking forward to catching up with them on the 21st and 22nd, where we will do a joint seminar together for the Martial Arts Bushfire Appeal for the victims of the Victorian fires.

Last but not least HUGE thanks to Mick Clark and Ben Hamilton for making this possible

New Blog Spot for FFS

For the past year, I've been struggling with my old blog spot.....NOTHING WORKED.

So (thanks to my wife). I've opted for a more simple working blog.

Following my motto. SIMPLICITY

This may not be the greatest looking blog, but at least I'll be posting more often because...........................................

THE BLOODY THING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!