Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FLORO / NORTON Seminar in Shepparton 2009

(From left to right: Ben Hamilton, Ray Floro, Richard Norton)

1st Febuary I had the extreme pleasure to teach a back to back seminar with the legendary Richard Norton.

Being the consumate gentleman he allowed me to teach first.

Well..........I made darn sure I did because it was hitting close to 50 degrees in the non-airconditioned gym, so I was sure that I'd be half dead by the time midday hit.

I went through my standard empty hand vs knife program with the use of the magazine as an aid to defending yourself against edged weapons.

The attendees of 40-50 martial artists received it well. In fact, I was very impressed that even with the stifling heat, no one slacked off.

There was a great mix of different systems in the audience, the majority being "Zendo's" (great bunch of people) to Muay Thai practitioners (always good to have them) to those that had grappling experience.......

I always make it a point to show them how they can find FFS in THEIR system.

I love taking selected moves in their forms and katas, and show them how it translates exactly to FFS moves.

It again proves, that NO STYLE is superior; but interpreting moves and their applications is what is important in understanding concepts.

Richard then covered the popular and successful SPEAR system. He's a great teacher and an infinitely better martial artist than I'll ever be. Not only that but a TOP BLOKE.

It was also great to catch up with my good friends Robert Halaijian and Kacey Chong. I'm looking forward to catching up with them on the 21st and 22nd, where we will do a joint seminar together for the Martial Arts Bushfire Appeal for the victims of the Victorian fires.

Last but not least HUGE thanks to Mick Clark and Ben Hamilton for making this possible

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