Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FFS - Red Dragon Seminar

The Crew of Red Dragon - Dedicated and Keen

Double Team Stick Restraints - Painful and Funny (to me anyway!!!)

I was honoured to have been invited back to teach at Red Dragon Kung Fu in Queensland last weekend.

Headed by Sifu Brett Fenton, he runs one of the most impressive and professional gyms I have ever experienced. He has qualifications in various Chinese arts, and is an accredited FFS Instructor>

It was also great to see familiar friends and faces, who have been "regulars" in many of my seminars there.

This seminar was a little different in that I covered more of the traditional Kalis Ilustrisimo concepts. My original foundation in the Filipino Martial Arts.

We started with the basic vertical angles of attack, with variations in angles to "deceive" the opponent into reading which angle the attacks will travel.

Then we moved onto "disarming". This was the more enjoyable part of the seminar. In a few minutes of tuition, sticks were being disarmed and airborne EVERYWHERE. In fact, it became a challenge to "launch" the sticks to opposing partners all around the floor. Evasion and dodging was a requisite. Attendees became very adept. I then related these Ilustrisimo moves to their Si Lim Tao forms, and more specifically to the Fuk Sao hand position.

We then wrapped up by going through various stick restraints and locking.....more fun, as the pain threshold was tested.

All in all - A FANTASTIC DAY.

A big bonus for me was the opportunity to attend John Will's seminar before mine.

A genius in his teaching methods. I ALWAYS walk away with valuable methods in the grappling arts.

This tour, John covered moves in the "half guard" and variations to the "head lock".....MOST EXCELLENT!!!

I'm looking forward to meeting up again with my friends up north.

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