Sunday, March 1, 2009

Martial Arts Bushfire Appeal Seminar

From left to right: Raymond Floro, Paul Weatherly, Mat Reid, Andy Cecati, Soke Bob Jones, Ivan Rakitic and Robert Halaijian.

19th February 2009, saw a gathering of Martial Artists from various styles to comemorate those who fell victims in the tragic bushfires of Victoria.

With over 200 dead, hundreds of homes lost, millions of dollars wasted, and unspeakable destruction to wildlife and bushland, what can a bunch of Martial Artists to to contribute.

The idea was born through Robert Halaijian and co-ordinated by Paul Weatherly.

The Martial Arts Bushfire Appeal saw 6 great Martial Art instructors donate their time and knowledge in the hopes of raising funds for those victims.

The day saw over 70 attendees. With their donations, and including raffles and auctions. The group raised $4,200.

It was one of the greatest gatherings I have been able to experience. True comradship joined together with a common purpose.

The icing on the cake was the attendance of Soke Bob Jones..........I have been hearing about him for a long time, and it was a priviledge for me to finally meet him in person.

He is what all his followers say he is..........A GREAT MAN!!!!

My thanks also goes to my fellow instructors Paul Weatherly, Mat Reid, Andy Cecati, Ivan Rakitic, Rob Halaijian, and Kacey Chong.

Robert and Ray......stealing Paul Weatherly's fighting sticks to supply weapons to the masses.

But Rob....I thought you said that these were your sticks?!?!?!.......
No Ray.....I thought that they were YOUR sticks.....

Oh Well......whoever owns them will have lots more LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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