Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Change in Training Equipment

I got a phone call the other week from my Melbourne representative Wayne Ardley (Juggernaut Self Defence).

I always value Wayne's phone calls as he keeps me up to date with developments in his "experimentations" with FFS.

Especially when he has come up with a new "angle" to our approach, hence evolving our system.

He also isn't shy to give HONEST opinions of methods that does not work.

This day was no different.

In the past we have utilised "Ice Hockey" gloves as protective gear to our hands. For many years is has been an effective method.

Wayne was concerned about the "reality" thick padded gloves provided in the sparring we did.

So, being into "reality" training; his boys decided to "do without".

What they discovered was that sparring WITHOUT GLOVES is vastly different to having all the padding. To the extent that "false" security gloves provides, gives unrealisic outcomes to some of the moves we do.

HENCE......I have experimented with various other lighter gloves and found that CRICKET GLOVES gives a good compomise to the feeling of reality without gloves; yet adequate protection.

The gloves I now use are made by "Gunn and Moore".

PS.....My Singapore trip was extremely successful with 4 new FFS Intructor's being fully accredited. I'm just in the midst of collating bio's and information, which I will then give full details in my next blog entry. Photo's and reviews to follow soon (hopefully).

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